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Cat Cat village or a village close to the town of Mong Sa Pa (Lao Cai province, Vietnam) 2 km. These are places of tourist attraction Sapa in Lao Cai particular and general. Cat Cat village formed from the mid 19th century by an ethnic division clustered file confidential basis (based on the mountainside and gather together, the roof apart and a few dozen meters of living, arable farming on hillsides colony). Near the colony, they also grow rice, corn on terraced fields in complete accordance with the manual method. They know farming, livestock, and reserves quite good variety of traditional crafts such as cotton, linen and textile fabrics. It deserves to be seen as cultural attractions both tourist si

      THÁC BẠC

    Silver Falls

From the town of Sapa, go west about 12km along the way Lai Chau, we will meet Silver Falls rushing flowing down from 200m in altitude above the valley streams O Quy Ho, creating sound impressive mountains . But in the spring, guests should consider when visiting Silver Falls because then falls very little water. 3 km further away from the Silver Falls tourists to landmarks Peak Pass. It offers stunning views over Phan Si Pang, deep is the unique way to go to Binh Lu - Laichau


    Sapa Stone Church

Located in the heart of Sapa town, sapa stone church built in 1895 is considered an ancient architectural imprint integrity of the French left. Cathedral was embellished and preserved, become an indispensable image referring to the town of Sapa misty.


Ham Rong Mountain

Ham Rong Mountain is located immediately adjacent to the town of Sapa, 3 km away, visitors can walk to it. Standing on top of Ham Rong Mountain, you get a panoramic view of Sapa, Muong Hoa valley, Sa Pa, Ta Phin hidden in smog. Currently, embellished with hand of man, Ham Rong is indeed a fruitful landscape of Sapa. Up Ham Rong, visitors touch the garden, cloudy preferred closed body, colorful flowers ground.

     TẢ PHÌN

 Ta phin village

Ta Phin village, close to the center of Sapa town about 17km east. It offers a beautiful natural landscape, the culture imbued with national identity of the Red Dao with famous brocade. Visit Ta Phin, you can visit Ta Phin Cave nearby. In many stalactites hang create interesting shapes like the first dance, the delegation seated, meadows, woods sparkling ...

    BÃI ĐÁ CỔ 

Ancient Stone

Muong Hoa Valley Hau Thao commune, Sa Pa town about 8km to the southeast. From Sa Pa town, crossing a mountain pass along higher (with toll stations 80,000 VND / person), you will arrive Muong Hoa valley. It is particularly in this valley is the ancient stone engraved with different shapes, situated in between the grass and the terraced rice fields of ethnic. Hundreds of carved sandstone rock drawings, the strange character has yet to determine the origin and meaning. Today, the ancient carvings Rated national monument, the unique heritage of the ancient Vietnamese. In Muong Hoa valley also has a beautiful little stream that stretches for about 15 km, through the town of Lao Chai, Ta Van, Hau Thao and ends at Ban Ho.


Phanxipang mountain

Phanxipang is the highest mountain of the Indochinese Peninsula (3,143 m), located in the center of Hoang Lien Son range. Although only 9 km from Sapa town in the southwest, but if walking, climbing you have to lose 6 to 7 days to conquer this mountain. Currently, many climbers both professional and amateur pathfinder conquered Mount Fan Si Pan. They can take the tour of the company or self-organized tour with a local guide, who Mong, Dao (in Cat Cat).

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